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Talisman: The Woodlands Expansion


Welt: Talisman
Spieleranzahl 2 - 6
Spieldauer 90 Minuten
Alter ab 14 Jahre
Spiel in:
Autor John Goodenough
Verlag Fantasy Flight Games/Esdevium
Artikel-Nr. FFG0374
EAN 9781616616793
Preis ca. 39,95 €
Erschienen 2014/09

Journey to the realm of the fae in The Woodland, a new expansion for Talisman Revised 4th Edition! In this new expansion, you can walk your own path through the Woodland corner board, encountering strange new creatures, events, and dangers. At the end of your path, a meeting with destiny awaits, transforming your character’s future and developing your story further.

Even more waits beneath the boughs of the Woodland, however. Redesigned rules for fate tokens allow you to either help yourself or interfere with others, and your fate will shape many of your interactions within the groves and glades of the Woodland. Prepare yourself for a world different than anything yet seen in Talisman, and enter the Woodland!

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