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End of Atlantis ENGLISH Galakta

In “End of Atlantis”, players try to evacuate as many of their fellow citizens as they can – before the great cataclysm engulfs the island. Ships that are meant to ferry people to safety of the New Land are too small and few and not everybody will be able to leave Atlantis in time.

Players must compete for available space, vie for control of the Atlantean Senate, ally themselves with powerful Figures, and use every bit of influence to outsmart, outbid and outthink their opponents.

No trick is too cheap in such dire times. Players can resort to sabotage, betrayal, corruption and bribes. They can employ devious telepaths, shapeshifter spies and honor guards.

They must hurry though. The end is near and when the third “Doom!” card enters play, the game is over and the winner is decided.

Are you brave enough to lead your people to salvation?

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