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WH40K: Deathwatch - Erste Gründung • DEUTSCH Fantasy Flight Games DE

Erste Gründung ist das neuste Quellbuch für Deathwatch. Die Legionen der ersten Gründung wurden vom Imperator selbst erschaffen und schmiedeten das Imperium in blutigen Schlachten, während sie den großen Kreuzzug durch die Galaxis voran trieben.

Star Wars RPG: Age of Rebellion • Friends Like These Fantasy Flight Games US

Time is running out for the planet Xorrn in Friends Like These, an adventure supplement for the Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion™ roleplaying game.

When intelligence reveals that an important and secret shipyard is under threat, the player characters have two days to arrange the planet’s defense and recruit allies in the region before Imperial forces arrive.

Star Wars RPG: Force and Destiny • Ghosts of Dathomir Adventure Fantasy Flight Games/Esdevium - SW LCG

The dark side is calling you in Ghosts of Dathomir, an upcoming adventure supplement for the Star Wars™: Force and Destiny™ roleplaying game.

Designed to be used with the Force and Destiny roleplaying game, Ghosts of Dathomir can also easily be integrated into an Age of Rebellion™ or Edge of the Empire™ campaign.

Star Wars RPG: Force and Destiny • Endless Vigil Fantasy Flight Games US

These Sentinels and their labors gain new support from Endless Vigil, a Sentinel sourcebook for the Star Wars®: Force and Destiny™ roleplaying game.

Its 96 full-color pages introduce new specializations, species, signature abilities, and gear.

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Android: The Worlds of Android Fantasy Flight Games US

The Worlds of Android is your definitive guide to Android setting and its unique vision of the future.

A beautiful, 272-page hardbound setting guide and art book, The Worlds of Android features full-color art, stunning gatefolds, and a polyphony of narrative voices that convey the immense diversity of human experience in the rich, fictional universe made famous by Android: Netrunner and the Android board game.

Tannhäuser Novel: Enigma Fantasy Flight Games US

Enigma is a Tannhäuser novel by James Swallow. When the occult-obsessed Reich unveils a weapon with the power to grant its army demonic powers, RAF pilot Nick Cross and special agent Caitlin “Hoax” Lambsbury must join forces with unlikely allies to capture the device at any cost. In the face of overwhelming odds, can these two agents survive long enough to complete their mission? Prepare for a gripping battle to determine the fate of the world!

Tannhäuser Novel: Rising Sun, Falling Shadows Fantasy Flight Games US

In the midst of perpetual war, a far-Eastern warrior sect with a shadowy agenda has set out toward the evergreen peninsula of Kamchatka. Can Union Major John McNeal and the elite soldiers of the 42nd Marines stop their sinister plot before it’s too late? And what terrible powers lie hidden in the verdant wilderness? The race is on to discover ancient secrets that could finally bring the Great War to its climactic end!

Fireborn Novel: Embers of Atlantis Fantasy Flight Games US

Powerful scions walk the streets of modern London, oblivious to their true nature. Unknowingly, they carry within them the spirits of reincarnated dragons from an age of high fantasy. As magic begins to emerge once more in the 21st century, long-dormant memories begin to flood the minds of these scions, reminding them of their mystical heritage. Welcome to the world of Fireborn.

Tannhäuser Novel: Night Eagle Fantasy Flight Games US

There’s more to this mission than meets the eye, however. Why has the enigmatic Matriarchy mobilized its forces? And to whom is the mysterious mercenary Wolf truly loyal? Prepare for an epic battle that will rage deep into America’s heartland!

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