Wie gut du bluffen kannst, findest du mit den Spielen in dieser Kategorie heraus. Lass deine Mitspieler auf keinen Fall erkennen, was in dir vor geht und wie dein nächster Zug möglicherweise aussieht… also setz dein Pokerface auf und los geht’s.

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One Night Revolution ENGLISH Indie Boards & Cards

Secret Identities – Deduction – Deception

One Night Revolution is a super fast game of secret identities for 3 to 10 players that combines all the deductive and chaotically fun elements of the One Night Ultimate Werewolf series with more structured game play. The result is a very addictive game that is easy to learn and will be played over and over again.

A stand alone game set in the dystopian universe.

Deception/Getäuscht ENGL./DT. • Mord in Hong Kong Heidelberger Spieleverlag/Jolly Thinker

In Getäuscht: Mord in Hongkong übernehmen die Spieler Rollen in einem Krimi voller Intrigen, Mord, Schlussfolgerungen und Täuschungen. Ein Spieler ist der Mörder: Er wählt im Geheimen die Tatwaffe und den Beweis aus, den er am Tatort hinterlässt. Ein anderer spielt den Forensiker, der den Schlüssel zur Überführung des Täters hat, aber nur über die Tatortanalyse mit den Mitspielern kommunizieren darf. Diese sind Ermittler und versuchen anhand dieser Hinweise den Fall zu lösen – doch der Täter ist einer der ihren. Die Ermittler müssen klug zusammenarbeiten, ihrer Intuition folgen und die richtigen Schlussfolgerungen ziehen, um Tatwaffe und Beweis zu finden und den Mörder zu fassen. Der Mörder seinerseits muss die Ermittler verwirren und auf falsche Fährten locken, um die eigene Haut zu retten. Habt ihr das Zeug dazu, die Lügen zu durchschauen und den Verbrecher in den eigenen Reihen zu überführen, oder stiftet er lange genug Verwirrung, um ungestraft davonzukommen?

Mafia: Vendetta ENGLISH Fantasy Flight Games/Esdevium

Everyone is suspect in Mafia: Vendetta, a party game of bluffing, intrigue, and murder!

Seven to seventeen players take on secret roles as civilians seeking to eliminate crime or as Mafia members stealthily eliminating their enemies. Only one team can control the city, and only the Mafia knows for certain who is on their team.

Ragers ENGLISH Galakta

It’s better to let professionals draw the first blood…

Every year, all tribes gather for the Great Thing. Supervised by feared judges and in the face of ruthless deities, each and every person who feels harmed or wronged may prove their rights on the bloodied sands of the Arena of the Righteous. Such persons may challenge the alleged wrongdoer to single combat and seek retribution for any crime — or at least that’s what the Ancient Law states. Ragers: Champions of the Arena is a game of wits and bluff for two players. Each player becomes a head of a team of Ragers — powerful fighters who settle disputes between tribes during the Great Thing that lasts for three days. During the game, players play cards depicting brave warriors and representing different types of attacks and special actions. By doing so, they gain glory points (GPs) over three rounds of fighting, and whoever gains the most GPs becomes victorious.

Each day of the Great Thing is devoted to a different deity, and each day bloodthirsty spectators expect daring feats of strength and cunning, so the conditions of combat change constantly. It is up to players to choose the best strategy that will appease the crowd and enable them to outsmart their rival.

Hoch die Becher • Brettspiel Horrible Games

EIN SPIEL DES ANSTOSSENS, DES VERGIFTENS UND DER MAKELLOSEN TISCHMANIEREN FÜR 2–12 PERFIDE SPIELER. Bist du angesichts des Kampfes zwischen Leben und Tod genauso aufgeregt, wie alle anderen, während du am gleichen Tisch mit deinen schlimmsten Feinden und einer verdammt hohen Menge Gift sitzt? Nein? Dann hast du wohl Nerven aus Stahl, mein Lieber! Aber vergiss bloß nicht, auch ein bisschen Gegengift mitzubringen. Sonst hast du hier echt keine guten Karten …

HBO: Kampf um den Eisernen Thron Fantasy Flight Games DE

Spielt man das Spiel um Throne, gewinnt man oder stirbt.

Don't mess with Cthulhu Indie Boards & Cards

Don’t Mess with Cthulhu is a social deduction game with secret identities. Players are either Investigators trying to keep Cthulhu from waking and controlling the world, or Cultists that want to bring the world to a disturbing end.

The game takes place over four rounds. The Investigators must uncover all the Elder Signs to win; the Cultists win when Cthulhu is revealed or if the game ends before all the Elder Signs are discovered.

Before each round players receive a number of Investigation cards, which they look at but then shuffle and put in front of themselves so they know what cards they have, but they don’t know which card is which. Each round has a number of actions equal to the number of players in the game. Players take actions to reveal Investigation cards, and gather all unrevealed cards are shuffled an redistributed evenly among the players.

Reveal Cthulhu, and the Cultists win instantly. Reveal all the Elder Signs, and the Investigators win. If you want to play multiple rounds (it’s highly recommended), the losers in each game get Insanity tokens. Get three tokens, and the night is over with the winner(s) being those most sane.

Timebomb Themed edition

In TimeBomb, you are playing either a terrorist trying to make a bomb blow up, or a SWAT team member trying to defuse it.

Each player receives a card at the beginning of the game that indicates his role and keep it secret until the end of the game. Then, at each of the game’s 4 rounds, each player receives 5 cards that he shuffles after having a quick look at them and place them face down in front of him. Among all of the player’s cards, a number of “SUCCESS” cards, one “BOOM” card and the rest being “SAFE” card.

The active player then chooses another’s player card and reveals it, that player then becoming the new active player. After N cards have been revealed (N being the number of players), all cards are shuffled again and distributed equally to the players for a new round. If at any time the “BOOM” card is revealed, the terrorist’s team wins. If all “SUCCESS” cards are revealed before that happens, then the SWAT team members win.

Will you be able to convince the other player to reveal your own cards among them a SUCCESS is hidden ? Or are you just trying to cheat the SWAT team members into revealing your own cards because the BOOM card is among them ? Only a game of TimeBomb will say.

Raise your Goblets LIMITED EDITION Heidelberger Spieleverlag/Horrible Games

Have you felt the thrill of the struggle between life and death, sitting at the same table with your worst enemy and an unreasonable amount of poison? Don’t forget to bring some antidote when playing Raise Your Goblets!

In Raise Your Goblets, players take the roles of nobles at a banquet, each one with their own agenda of personal vendetta. Each player has wine, poison and antidote tokens they can pour into the goblets, trying to poison their enemies while staying alive themselves! Each noble also has a special ability that allows them to bend or even break a rule.

In more detail, each character has a plastic goblet, and each goblet is primed in secret at the start of the round with either wine, poison or antidote. On a turn, you take two actions, with actions being to peek inside your goblet, rotate all goblets left or right, swap your goblet with someone else’s, or secretly add one of your wine, poison or antidote tokens to any goblet. Once someone has “served” all of their wine, they can call a toast on their turn instead of doing anything else. Each player, including the toaster, takes one more action, then everyone drinks. If you have more poison than antidote, you die.

What’s your goal in doing all of this? Well, at the start of a round you are given a target to kill, and everyone knows who is targeting whom. If at the end of a round, your target is dead, you score 1 point; if you’re alive, you score 1 point; if both of these things are true, you score a bonus point (3 total). Also, whoever has the most wine in their cup scores 1 point. If someone has died, they receive a new noble card, and at the end of three rounds, whoever has scored the most points wins.

Coup: Rebellion G54 ENGLISH Indie Boards & Cards

Secret identities – Deduction – Deception

Coup: Rebellion G54 is the exciting, stand-alone sequel to Coup that takes the same simple Coup mechanism and rules – claim, counter, challenge and bluff- adding a strategic layer to each game with 25 characters to choose from. There are over 5.000 different ways to play!

A stande alone game set in the dystopian universe.

Hoax ENGLISH Fantasy Flight Games/Esdevium

The best liar wins in Hoax, a fast-paced party game of secret identities. When an unscrupulous business magnate meets an undignified end, a fierce competition for his estate begins.

Each player in Hoax assumes one of seven secret identities, from the resentful chef to the ambitious son-in-law, and attempts to make the other players believe that they are actually someone else.

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